Grillers Bundle (2) (CSA) thumbnail

Grillers Bundle (2) (CSA)

Do you love to grill? This bundle is for you! Enjoy the healthy benefits of grass fed beef on your grill.

Fabulous Steak Bundle (CSA) thumbnail

Fabulous Steak Bundle (CSA)

4 Rib Steaks 4 T-Bone Steaks

Ground Beef Stock Up Sale (CSA) thumbnail

Ground Beef Stock Up Sale (CSA)

Stock Up On Ground Beef

Feast Bundle (CSA) thumbnail

Feast Bundle (CSA)

Feast Bundle

Healthy Bake It Bundle (CSA) thumbnail

Healthy Bake It Bundle (CSA)

Keep Your Kitchen Cool!

Grillers Bundle (1) CSA thumbnail

Grillers Bundle (1) CSA

Includes Bulk Ground Beef

Oxtail, Liver Bundle & Ground Beef CSA thumbnail

Oxtail, Liver Bundle & Ground Beef CSA

1 Oxtail, 5 lbs. Liver & 2 lbs. Ground Beef

Welcome Fall CSA thumbnail

Welcome Fall CSA

Welcome Fall

Holiday Roast Bundle thumbnail

Holiday Roast Bundle

3 delicious grass fed roasts

We Love Our Customers thumbnail

We Love Our Customers

4 Ribeyes, 4 T-Bones and 4 lbs. ground beef