Dierks Farms Is American Grass Fed Certified

Dierks Farms is proud to be certified by the American Grassfed Association. You may ask why be AGA Certified?
When consumers see the AGA logo on a package of meat they can know it was produced in a way that is:
Healthy for animals-They eat what nature intended, live their lives in a natural environment, and express their natural behaviors.

Healthy for people-True grassfed meats are lean and have a high percentage of healthy fats-CLA, Omega 2, and other essential fatty acids-as well as vitamins and other nutrients.
Healthy for the planet-Grazing animals on pasture keeps the air and water clean, provides wildlife habitat, and builds soil, which reduces excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Healthy for communities: Supporting America’s family farms and ranches creates jobs and building strong rural economies.
Always look for the AGA logo to insure the true grassfed healthy experience. For more information on the American Grassfed Association please visit:
http://www.americangrassfed.org/Dierks Farms Is American Grass Fed Certified