Beef For Christmas? YES!

Are you struggling for ideas for that person that you don’t know what to get a special gift for EVERY year? Give the gift that everyone will use and enjoy, give Dierks Farms healthy grass fed beef! grass-fed-rib-steak

Don’t purchase items that are doomed to be the next re-gift. YOU can be the most thoughtful and impressive gift giver that your inner circle has ever known.


They say the secret to giving a good gift is knowing what your loved one likes, be it a toys or tech, food or film.

But even if you have a theme in mind, finding something that’s both fun and functional can be a challenge. The best part about giving a gift to your foodie friend is that they’ll probably share it with you too!

There is no better way to impress the foodie than a gift of delicious grass fed beef. Each Christmas gift is shipped to your gift recipient the week of Christmas and will include recipes to help them cook their special gift as well as information about the Dierks family farm history along with a gift card with your message included. Choose from many different gift options; use this link to place your order  All orders must be received by Sunday, Dec. 18th at 5 p.m. for Christmas delivery.

WARNING: Get ready to get the look from your gift recipient that says, “WOW, you’re AWESOME”. Enjoy it! You will be the perfect gift giver this year!