What Does Eating Natural Mean?




1.existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.

“carrots contain a natural antiseptic that fights bacteria”

When Dierks Farms talks about eating all natural for 30 days what does that really mean? It means clean eating from local sources where you KNOW where your food is coming from. As the definition defines not caused by humankind.  Let nature play it’s part in raising healthy food.

Natural farming is a complete different kind of farming that conventional farming which produces much of the meat and produce that you find in your grocery store. Natural means growing food the way God intended it to be. Cattle grown in the pasture, the chickens roaming freely and not in tiny coops, vegetables not treated with herbicides are injected with things we can’t even pronounce.

What goes into “natural” farming?  The main method of natural farming is to let natural take it’s course. We at Dierks Farms use the land that has been in the Dierks family since 1881. Our cattle are raised on the rolling hills of southern Illinois with green pastures and during the winter we use hay that is baled on Dierks land to feed our cattle. Why do we do this? We believe that cattle should to be raised slowly on grass and that steroids and antibiotics are never to be included in any meat that we would feed our own family and we know our customers are looking for this same benefit.

The world today is about growing things fast but fast does not mean healthy. Many times it means unhealthy. Our society now is seeing what this fast growing methods are doing to our health. It’s time to say “slow down”. We want to live a healthy life and slow is not bad. We at Dierks Farms know the real reason of why cattle are grown like this it’s profit. We believe that our customer health and ours are much more important to us than making additional profits.

It is not only beef that it is important to eat healthy. Buying your produce from local natural farmers as well as chicken, pork, goat, etc.  A great way to find local food is at your local farmers market. You can find farmers markets near you here. National Farmers Market Directory   You will find many different types of offerings by local farmers. Remember to ask questions to make sure that what they have are what you are looking for. Natural does not always mean grain free. Cattle can be raised on pasture grass but many times you will find that the last 90 days they will be fed grain to add fat and growth. If you are looking for no grain ask the question “are you grass fed and grass finished”.

If it is not possible for your to access a farmers market, take a look at this vegetable buying guide to help you buy quality vegetables.  When buying meat make sure and ask where your natural/pasture raised meat is grown at.  At many grocers you will find that the grass fed meat they are selling may not even be grown in the United States.  Please support your local US Farmers whenever possible.  They are working hard to bring you the very best product available.

Join us in the Dierks Farms 30 Day Eat All Natural Challenge.  You will receive recipes to help you eat all natural all year long.