Bulk Ordering

Save $$$$ By Filling Your Freezer

Have your beef readily available for your meals

It is good for your heart
It preserves nature
It improves overall well being
No Antibiotics
No Steroids
No Grain

How To Order A Bulk Grass Fed Beef

Make Your Choice Quarter, Half or Whole Grass Fed Beef

Quarter Grass Fed Beef

A selection of the best cuts of the beef to make a custom quarter beef.   Approximately 125 lbs of beef.  View what cuts your quarter will include.


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Half Grass Fed Beef

Choose your cuts using this link:  Half Grass Fed Beef Cut Choices

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Full Grass Fed Beef

Choose a full grass fed beef and save a bundle on your price per lb.  Choose your cuts at this link:  Full Grass Fed Beef Cut Choices

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Also Available 100 lbs or More Ground Beef in 1 lb. Vacuum Packed Packages Delivered To Your Home Within 400 Miles of 62907

$6 per lb.

Email: [email protected] to place your order