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Feeding Families Healthy Natural 100% Home Grown Grass Fed Beef
Since 1881

Dierks Farms All Natural Grass Fed Beef Is Available in Specialty Stores In Illinois and Missouri

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Dierks Farms was founded on the basis of Grass-fed beef even before the health benefits were brought to light.  

Today, we believe in Grass-Fed and Grass Finished because it benefits our family, our animals, our customers and our environment.  Our farming practices are centered around the humane treatment of our animals.  Our animals are raised on stress free grass that is rotated on a regular basis both for the animals and the environment.  Our cattle are never given antibiotics, steroids or fed grain.  Our grass fed beef is completely natural as God intended it to be.

Our family farm has a close relationship with the soil and water conservation service and has received Soil and Water Farm Family of the Year.  This proves that our environmental farming spans all throughout our farming practices.

Don't just take our word for it, try our meat and fresh produce for yourself. You'll love the taste and your body will love the healthy benefits. 



I'm a big believer in the health benefits of grass fed beef and farm to table food so gave Dietks Farms a try after seeing their Kickstarter campaign (first farm I ever saw in there:). Ordered the t-bone and ground beef and they showed up 2 days later via FedEx In a cooler with dry ice. About the same price as Trader Joe's and a lot fresher and more convenient. We grilled them up and have since signed up for monthly shipments. Burgers are great as well.

Kevin May, California

I just happened upon the Dierks Farms website by chance, after looking for local farms and only finding pork and chicken. My family prefers beef, and I am so glad I was able to order the 3-month program. I have been switching to organic fruit and vegetables, and grass-fed beef was the next step! The steaks are tender & flavorful, and the ground beef makes the BEST burgers on the grill. Thanks for the friendly and personal customer service and doorstep delivery, Pam!

MK, Illinois

My wife and I have been trying to eat healthier without chemicals or antibiotics and we tried to find a place to get good grass fed beef. We were fortunate to find Dierks Farms and ordered the Griller's Bundle. We loved the beef. It arrived packaged solidly surrounded by ice packs. Dierks provided recipes and cooking instructions. The beef tasted great, and we have now moved into the Buyers club for the next six months. Thanks to the Dierks Farms, we feel like the beef part of our diet is not an issue.

Larry Cimino, Illinois

Dierks family farm is the way to go if your looking for quality meat for your family .

I have been feeding my family grass fed beef from our local chain grocery store and although it was better than the ground mystery beef next to it It was very high priced for what little i was getting . When i purchased Dierks family grass fed beef I was pleasantly surprised it surpassed the taste and price I was looking for . I get more meat for my money and know that the meal I am feeding them is the best I can provide . I went in a half of cow with three families and we all agree that we will continue to be loyal customers . Their steaks are amazing and so flavorful you’ll never be happy with ordinary steak house steaks ever again . Truly grateful that in an over processed world we can still get good quality beef , The family has went out of their way for amazing customer service and prompt delivery .

Thank you Dierks Family Farm we feel like you are our new found friends for life !

Marielena Vela, Chicago Ridge, IL

I will never buy from another grocery store again. I believe in supporting local farmers that have good business practices and treat their animals humanly. We vote with our money, and I am voting for the good guys, not corrupt corporations with unhealthy and inhumane business practices.

David Hampton, Belleville IL


Farming is a family business for Larry and Pam Dierks. Together with sons Lane and Lathan they set up for the first time at Tower Grove to sell the grass-fed beef they raise on their land in Ava, Illinois.

“The farm has been in Larry’s family since 1881,” Pam Dierks says. “Our sons are the fifth-generation to farm the land. We raise our cattle, an Angus/Simmenthal cross, on grass from birth to processing. Our beef is hormone, antibiotic and grain free.”


Left to Right: Lane, Lathan, Larry, and Pam Dierks

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